Latest Update from ECJ: Golding Makes Statement on Delayed Results

As the updates on how the nation’s people have voted continue to be made public by the ECJ(Electoral Commission of Jamaica), it was noted that the latest tally puts the People’s National Party (PNP) ahead of their political counterpart (The Jamaica Labour Party [JLP]) in the final countdown.

Current results state that the PNP has taken 44 of the 87 electoral divisions that have been counted so far, while the JLP has claimed 43.

Some of the divisions that were won by the PNP include; Bath in St. Thomas Eastern, Gayle in St. Mary Western, Calderwood in St. Ann South Western, and Spur Tree and New Green in Manchester North Western.

On the other hand, some of the divisions controlled by the JLP are; Fairy Hill in Portland Eastern, Lorrimers and Warsop in Trelawny Southern, Mt. Industry in St. Catherine North Eastern, and Cassia Park in St. Andrew East Central.

There is still no clear winner as the PNP only leads by a slim margin at present and the count is ongoing.

See more results below:

With the tensions among Jamaicans high due to a lack of finality for the February 26, 2024, local government elections, Mark Golding sought to alleviate some of that tension by releasing a statement mentioning that “I understand your anxiety…please be assured that should we believe there to be any discrepancies we will take appropriate action…thank you for coming out to vote…God bless you all.”

Results for the remaining 141 electoral divisions are said to possibly be ready by the end of the day and a winner announced. The suspense around which party will win majority of the municipalities is high and people remain glued to their respective devices for a decisive update.

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