“Let Mi Off” Footage Of Taxi-Man High-Speed Chase With Police In Jamaica

A viral video has been making waves on social media which shows a man called “Massive” recklessly driving a 7-seater motor vehicle filled with passengers in efforts of evading the police.

Reports reveal that the driver is driving a “Robot taxi” and was signalled to stop by police officers but ignored the warning. The driver then leads the police on a high-speed chase along a hilly road while ignoring cries from the passengers to let them out of the vehicle.


A passenger shouted, “Let me out nuh man none a wi nuh wah dead enuh man,” another shouted, “Jesus Christ have mercy… Jesus save wi”. The driver can be heard saying “Dem nah kill unuh… Me nah go a jail and me nah gi weh the man car enuh”.

Minutes into the wild chase, several gunshots were heard which subsequently led the driver to stop the vehicle.

According to an officer at the scene, in the high-speed chase, the driver hit a man off his motorcycle on Mannings Hill Road and contributed to several other motor vehicle accidents along the way.  
The driver was apprehended and arrested by the police. 

Check out the happenings below.

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