Lil Uzi Vert Shows-off New Belly Button Piercing – Girlfriend JT, Defends Him Against Critics

Lil Uzi Vert, birth name Symere Woods, recently got a navel piercing and his girlfriend was spotted defending his actions on Instagram. Jatavia Johnson, more popularly known as JT, the first act of the duo known as City Girls (the other being Yung Miami), is winning the girlfriend of the year award with many female fans for standing up for her man.

A few hours ago, theshaderoom on Instagram zoomed in on the comments she made about how some people have been reacting any time that the rapper gets a new piercing, and JT wants it to stop. Her messages were posted with the caption, “#JT with a few words after #LilUziVert got his belly button pierced. #Roomies thoughts?”

JT stated, “Uzi date me & we honestly have two different audiences so nothing bother me more then when he doing what he want y’all Tag me & say “THIS YOUR MAN.” She continued by claiming Lil Uzi as her man who is not only her “successful black rockstar” but also “good”, “rich” and “respectful”.

The Twerk rapper called out the masses for acting “amazed” every time Lil Uzi does his own thing and adds more piercings as his “aesthetic”, which he has had before the two got together. She thinks that it should no longer be a surprise that he is more with tune to his feminine side.

Addressing the bigger issue of self-expression and sexual identity, JT pointed out that if people want to assume that how someone acts or dresses is the standard for their sexuality, then that sounds more like a “y’all problem.” She also mentioned that sometimes, the men who act the most masculine around a crowd, are the ones who “can’t wait to get from round y’all to suck d**k for amiris & I mean NO disrespect!”

A fan of the rapper stated, “better than Mr Love if u ask me… team they them and JT,” while another pointed out, “she said what she said and this ain’t my tax bracket so I’m going to mind mine.”

Take a look at more comments below:

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