Man Released After Spending 4 Decades in Jamaican Prison Without Conviction – Video Report

A man was released from prison after spending almost forty-two years behind bars without a conviction. The man who spent decades in prison for a murder he allegedly committed was considered unfit to plea in court due to being mentally challenged.

Following the presentation of medical information after his arrest in 1982, the inmate remained in prison until recently, when he was temporarily released to his family under strict conditions.

This inmate’s case has reignited concerns about individuals being held in prison without getting their day in court.

In a TVJ News report, Carla Gullotta, Executive Director of the human rights group Stand Up For Jamaica, expressed that mentally ill individuals should not be detained. She suggested that placing them in institutions to receive treatment for their illnesses would be more suitable.

She further highlighted that individuals with mental illness have been overlooked during the transition of the Governor General’s portfolio to the courts, resulting in some being lost in the system.

Additionally, she advocates for compensation for mentally ill individuals who have been detained and released.

Listen to Carla Gullotta speak on the matter below:

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