Man Tries To Rob Off-Duty Cop At Spanish Town ATM – Watch Videos

An off-duty police officer accosted a man after he reportedly tried to rob him after exiting the ATM at Shoppers Fair on the Brunswick in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Eyewitnesses said that the officer, who was in plain clothes, entered the ATM to make a withdrawal. Upon exiting the machine, a man approached him and said, “pussy gi mi all a yuh money,” before striking a blow to the officer’s face.

A series of videos recorded by onlookers was posted on TikTok, showing the police retaliating and throwing multiple blows to the face and body of the would-be robber.

During the altercation, the man pleaded loudly to the officer for forgiveness, saying “easy nuh sir” and “sorry” repeatedly. He also stated that his name was Josiah, and his mother’s name was Charm.

Onlookers encouraged the cop to “lock him up” as the officer tried to force the restrained man into a car. Someone from the crowd suggested that the officer threw the man in the vehicle’s trunk, which the officer attempted to follow.

Another man advised the officer that putting him in the car’s trunk wouldn’t be right.

While holding the man, the officer called for on-duty officers to report to the location.

The off-duty cop complained of pain in his eye from the blow he received from the attacker.

Some onlookers asked for leniency for the man and suggested he be set free after a beating. Others were in no such mood and said it could’ve been them, not the cop.

In the comments below the videos, several viewers said that the culprit was of an unsound mind.

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