Marion Hall Announces She’s Releasing New Dancehall Single

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 4:13 PM GMT-5

Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, is preparing to drop a new single and announced on Thursday that it would be a Dancehall track.

The Dancehall artiste turned gospel singer has been fueling rumours since Tuesday that she just may be returning to her former career in the secular music industry. After suggesting that it may be best to return to Dancehall to prove just how formidable she is, Hall shared on her Instagram page today that her next musical release would be a Dancehall one.

“Listen out for my new Dancehall single, titled Di Way How Mi Love You. Follow us on our new Facebook page, Holyghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ, to be the first to hear it,” Hall wrote.

She had previously announced that her next single would be entitled Step, but that Facebook post appears to have been deleted along with her old Facebook page. Prior to today’s announcement, Hall shared on Wednesday that she had moved to a new page for her ministry.

As her new track will be on the Facebook page for her church, some fans have predicted that it will be a Dancehall Gospel track, but others have begun welcoming her back to Dancehall.

View some of the reactions below.

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