Mark Golding Announces “I will renounce my UK citizenship”

Sunday, June 30, 2024, 4:10 PM GMT-5

On Sunday, the leader of the People’s National Party, Mark Golding, 58, took to social media to inform the public that he had made a decision to renounce his British citizenship status. Back in May, Mr. Vegas called Golding a ‘hypocrite’ and urged him to reveal his dual citizenship status to the public.

Golding followed up by saying, “I am a born Jamaican and have a Jamaican passport,” he also disclosed that he had dual citizenship not too long after. Commenting on the situation, PM Holness earlier stated, “To be the ultimate executive leader of the country, you should have no other citizenship.”

He continued, “There should be no question by your citizens that you lead that you have, somehow, split loyalties. That you have a parachute should in case anything go wrong.” Since the saga started, Golding had promised to evaluate the situation and make a data-driven decision.

On June 30, Golding wrote on X, “As promised, I would take the time to listen to views both internally and externally in making an informed decision in regards to having British citizenship by descent. While not prohibited legally, I do not want my status to affect our Party nor any candidates who are running for a seat.”

The statement continues, “I have to take all things into consideration and therefore I will renounce my UK citizenship. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback over the last month. Now let’s get back to the real issues that are affecting the majority of Jamaicans. The Word is Love.”

In the video posted, he said he usually regarded the situation as “normal” and in his view, Jamaicans should look to “expand” and not “narrow” the scope on who should lead the nation or hold a high position like his.

Watch below:


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