Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong; Water Thrown in Face – Watch Video

A man tried to put a ring on his girl’s finger at a restaurant, however, it went miserably wrong with a messy ending.



At the beginning of the one minute and twenty-two seconds long video clip, a female worker at the restaurant is seen holding up a “Will you marry me??” sign while waiting on the special lady to seemingly return to her seat.

After the woman returned, the male rose to the occasion, said a few words including getting everyone’s attention and popped the question, the female stood almost motionless for a few seconds before proceeding to say some words to the man, questioning him while he was down on his bending knee. Notably, he did not answer any of her questions.

What happened next was shocking as she took a glass of water off the table and threw it in his face, getting the camera personnel and others wet in the process. The video is then cut.

Watch the viral video below:


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