Marvin The Beast Gives New Details About Breakup With Nickeisha – Watch Interview

Dancer Marvin The Beast shared new information about his breakup from Nickeisha in 2018. The relationship, which he said many assumed was ended by Nickeisha, resulted in them having a child together and ended with them taking shots at each other through diss tracks.

Speaking about the breakup, he said, “I was the one who left, and di whole world think it was Nickeisha left.” He added that the split between him and Nickeisha happened before she gave birth to their daughter.


Marvin has since had another child with a different female and explained that he was in a relationship with said female back when he was with Nickeisha. According to Marvin, issues with Nickeisha’s family, friends and the media prompted him to end the relationship.

“Me and har talk bout it…You know a female just a give birth…she gon’ want di relationship fi work, but me know seh it cyaa work,” he told Jaiifrais on the Toxic Talk podcast. Nevertheless, he sent his love and respect to Nickeisha because she brought his daughter into the world.

Regarding the drama between him and his ex-girlfriend, New York, Marvin clarified that Nickeisha was not pregnant at the time he and New York were together. New York, an exotic dancer, stated that she was unaware of Nickeisha being pregnant when she hooked up with him and dumped him after finding out.

However, Marvin says that his involvement with New York was not in the same time frame as when Nickeisha got pregnant. “New York was using me to get a hype,” he said, adding that the breakup with New York was due to her trying to start drama, which he would not allow.

Watch the interview with Marvin below:

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