Masicka Fires Shots at Alkaline? Plus Rocks Stage With Popcaan – Watch Videos

Some have wondered if Masicka would end his feud with Alkaline after he ended his years-long strife with Aidonia. However, that does not seem to be happening anytime soon since the Genna Syde artiste sent a grimy message to his enemies during his performance at the Streetz Festival.

The shots he took were seemingly directed at Alkaline, as he told the audience that he was not afraid of “nuh bwoy.” 


“Mi a gangsta inna real life. Nuh bwoy nuh violate, nuh time at all..Nuh tru some bwoy see me a easy from wadday,” he said, before jumping into the first verse of his song, The Right Place, “Shot a lef di gun and every man a collect some.”

The audience instantly started singing along to the song that details Masicka murdering a rival who is all bark and no bite with a headshot.

Watch the video of Masicka below:


His set continued to captivate the audience, and his joint performance with Popcaan had the audience screaming in excitement. The two dancehall deejays rocked the stage, performing some of their popular songs like Popcaan’s Stray Dog (Suck Yuh Madda), My Type, St. Thomas Native, and their collab Pain.

Popcaan also praised Masicka, who recently won an award for best album of the year, for reaching such heights in his career after being in the business for many years.

Watch Masicka and Popcaan’s performance below:

See more of the show below:


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