Mass Shooting At Brooklyn Subway Station

Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 3:32 PM GMT-5

New Yorkers have been advised to be on high alert by Governor Kathy Hochul as there is an active shooter who injured 16 people during a horrific mass shooting Tuesday morning at a Brooklyn Subway Station.

Reportedly, the shooting happened around 8:30 AM ET when a man opened fire at the people who were said to be waiting for the train at the 36th Street station for the D, N, R lines in Sunset Park. The incident occurred during the rush hour and left a gruesome scene with pools of blood on the platform floors where the wounded lay.

During a press conference later where Governor Hochul spoke, officials reported that 16 people were hospitalized with 10 of those people having gunshot wounds and 5 of them in critical but stable condition. The officials also gave a clear detail of the suspect.

The shooter was reportedly wearing a gas mask, green construction-type vest and a grey hooded sweatshirt. During the time of the incident, there were also reports of a possible explosion, but NYPD reported that there were “no active explosives devices at this time.”

The police hunted for the shooter in the subway station and, later, the Fire Department spokesman confirmed multiple undetonated devices were found, which indicates that there might have been an explosion.

As the suspect is still at large, Governor Hochul stated that this is an active shooter situation and heeded citizens.

Learn more from the report below.

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