Mavado is a Bigger Artiste Than Kartel “by far far”, Plus Gully Gad Won Sting Clash Says Flexx – Watch Interview

Monday, December 11, 2023, 7:54 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Flexx joins the Vybz Kartel vs Mavado debate as to who is the ‘bigger’ artiste. The veteran deejay also reveals who he thinks won the Vybz Kartel vs Mavado 2008 Sting clash and reasons for his conclusion.

According to Flexx, Mavado is by a long way the bigger of the two dancehall icons, when asked by interviewers for his take on the matter. “Mek me tell you this bro and me a tell you this without no apology, Mavado is the bigger artiste by far, far, fur, fur, fur,” Flexx declared.

He also outlined the main reasons for his conclusion by posing a question to the interviewers, “How much song Kartel get pon the billboard from him a do music?” The interviewers were seemingly clueless by Flexx’s question and returned the same question about Mavado’s success on the Billboard charts.

“Alright let’s say this more than 5(songs), real Billboard chart when Billboard was Billboard, weh dem a do, more Yankees know Mavado more than Vybz Kartel internationally,” Flexx outlined in his response.

He continued to give his reasons, stating, “It’s just the truth, Kartel, giant, legend, big artiste, lyricist right around, but he is not bigger than Mavado, Mavado songs them last longer in dancehall.” Flexx also said Mavado have a bigger catalogue of hits in comparison to Kartel.

As the interview proceeded Flexx spoke on the famous Sting clash between the two dancehall superstars, he admitted that at first, he thought Mavado would have lost the clash but was left pleasantly surprised.

“Yeah singer(Mavado) sing one song two time but a waa different part inna the same song, and the crowd did a rae tae tae, that a the only miss-hap weh guaan wid singer, but him nuh lose, him never get boo a Kartel get boo, and after Kartel get boo a singer start get all the forward them,” Flexx recounted.

Aside from Mavado and Kartel, Flexx also talked about his start in dancehall and originally being in a “crew” with Mavado, plus also naming the Gully Side leader.

Watch the interview below:

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