Meet Princess Diana and Bubi; Jamaica’s New Viral Couple

In spite of a significant age gap, the emerging “viral couple,” Princess Diana and Bubi, are emphatic that their relationship stands as living proof that genuine love transcends age boundaries.

Known as Keisha Hammond (40) beyond her moniker, Princess Diana, and identified as Devaney Bernett (32), other than Bubi, this dynamic pair has taken TikTok by storm, amassing an impressive following of over 25,000 within their 18-month romance.

Amid the intimate setting of their residence on Jaques Road in east Kingston, Bubi, tenderly massaging Princess Diana’s shoulder, expressed, “Mi love har, and mi know she love mi. She is my princess.”

See a photo of the couple below:

Princess Diana and Bubi


As the narrative unfolds, Princess Diana revealed to the Jamaica Star that when Bubi began showering her with affectionate verses in January of the previous year, she initially didn’t attach much significance to it. However, his persistence eventually sparked her curiosity.

Princess said she would always ask him if he could handle her. She began liking him as a person before viewing him through the lens of romance. She said he kept frequenting her shop, sometimes even offering him items on the house, and that’s how they exchanged numbers.

Two months later, while attending a party, she explored the possibility of a romantic connection with Bubi.

She reflected that she has been with individuals her age, but it never seemed to work out. Bubi’s perspectives resonated with her; he appeared mature beyond his years. She said her friend advised her to proceed with the relationship after conducting a thorough background check to ascertain his relationship status.

With a concise response, Bubi conveyed that despite the age gap, he recognised Princess Diana as royalty, destined to be the one with whom he’d journey through life.



“When I ask her questions, she always provides thoughtful answers, and well, she’s the one,” he affirmed. Despite their intentions, their relationship unwittingly gained traction on social media.

Princess Diana recalled they’d record themselves when they go out and do activities around the yard. One day while heading out to buy oxtail, she mentioned the errand to him, and he kissed her. A week later, Bubi uploaded the video, and his brother called from camp, saying, ‘Bro, yuh gone viral man, mi see yuh pon status.”

Admitting their unfamiliarity with the term “viral,” as social media was not their forte, Princess Diana noted that people from all over began reaching out, and that’s how it took off. Bubi affirmed that their love remains steadfast beyond the online façade.

Additionally, Bubi revealed that they keep no secrets from each other. Whether it’s a dollar or more, they share everything. This openness is consistent in every aspect of their relationship. She motivates him and desires for him to succeed. That is something he cherishes.

Last October, the couple’s engagement occurred during Princess Diana’s birthday celebration. Bubi’s gesture was marked by the presentation of two genuine roses, symbolising his intentions.


Princess Diana recounted him coming with two real roses and asked, “Babes, yuh would spend the rest a yuh life wid mi?” She confessed that tears welled up in her eyes. She stated further that he knelt in white pants, though not to the ground, and asked, “Will you marry me?” A crowd began to gather, excitedly recording the moment. Diana said she was overwhelmed.”

With a 22-year-old son from a previous relationship, Princess Diana and Bubi now aspire to extend their family. Originally planning to wed this October, they’ve decided to postpone to accommodate loved ones residing abroad. Ideally, Princess Diana envisions a beachfront ceremony for their wedding.

Watch the full interview of the couple speaking with the Jamaica Star below:


While the couple receives substantial support, they’ve also received a lot of criticism. However, Princess Diana remains steadfast in her conviction that love triumphs over all.

Princess revealed that she told herself she wouldn’t let the critics affect her. They were fully aware of what they were stepping into, perhaps more so on her end since he was younger. He was seeking a partner who could inspire him, and though she anticipated criticism due to the age difference, she wouldn’t let it deter them.

In continuing, Princess Diana asserted that people often judge from the outside without understanding the foundation of a relationship, so they’ve braced themselves for the negativity.

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