Wife Cheats with God Parent

A man, having trouble with the women in his life, shared his story after his wife cheated on him with his daughter’s godfather and his new girlfriend berated him for not wanting any more children. According to the letter, the man who is 40-years-old started having trouble in his marriage after he travelled abroad (The United States) to study.

While away he heard from his daughter that her godfather (whom she addressed as uncle out of respect) would show up at the house frequently and even spend the night at the house with the excuse that the wife and uncle went partying and it was too late for him to make the drive home.


Doing some investigating, he asked more of his children who said that the uncle hung out at the house a lot. Plus his brother, whom he spoke to about the issue, also told him that the uncle’s car can be seen parked at the house late at night on a regular basis.

Initially, the wife did not know he asked his children about what was going on, or his brother, but in order to get to the bottom of the situation he asked his wife about it. She denied the allegations and became angry when she found out he spoke with their children about the uncle being at the house.

Upon finishing his studies and returning to the island, the man divorced his wife to live alone after it became clear that they could not fix their marriage.

The man moved on with his current girlfriend whom he claims to love very much and he even stated that their relationship is progressing well. However, he wrote that his girlfriend wants kids, but already being a father of four, he does not want to have any more.

Being 40 years old, the man wants to know if it is selfish to deny his girlfriend (who is 35) the joy of having children because he already has four and said that if she wants to have kids, she would have to find another partner to embark on that journey with.

In the letter, written to Dear Pastor, he described his girlfriend as “good-looking” and “caring” and that he loves her, however, he does not want to start over raising kids.

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