Montego Bay Supermarket Robbed by Three Armed Men – Watch Video

In a brazen attack caught on video, armed men posing as customers robbed a supermarket in St. James.

According to the title of the security footage now circulating online, the incident occurred in a Montego Bay supermarket, seemingly during the night. In the video, a few customers can be seen near the store’s entrance while an Asian male is seen packing goods into a box for a customer. Seated not far behind him is a male in a checkered shirt who appears to be the supermarket’s security guard. Initiating the robbery, a masked man approaches from behind the guard and pulls out a gun.


The guard lunges at the assailant, unaware of his co-conspirators still posing as customers. The second robber, who does not appear to be masked, also brandishes a firearm and grabs the guard. A third accomplice then joins the fray wearing a ski mask. A struggle ensues between the four men, with the first thief freeing himself, then proceeding to stand guard at the door.

The store’s occupants quickly move away from the chaos as the struggle between the second assailant and the guard eventually moves off camera. The ski-masked robber appears to take something from the nearby cash register before exiting, and the remaining robbers eventually make a rushed escape.

Details surrounding the incident are limited, and it is unclear if the guard suffered any injuries.

View the footage below:

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