Robbery Turns into Shootout – Watch Video

Two masked men attempted to rob a store when someone on the outside started shooting. The failed robbery was captured on the store’s surveillance cameras, showing the perpetrators carrying a handgun and a rifle. The videos present two angles of the attempted robbery, one of which provides a clear view of the glass door breaking from the gunshots firing outside and another view showing the cashier and workers’ reaction to the proceedings.

In the videos, which were shared on Twitter hours ago, the first robber casually entered the store under the pretence of being a customer. The perpetrator, clad in a white hoodie, made his way towards the back of the store while a customer stood at the cashier and another customer entered. Shortly after, a loud sound seemingly alerted everyone of the second thief, who attempted to enter the store with a rifle. At that moment, everyone started rushing in the opposite direction of the door. The two uniformed cashiers and a third individual from a room beyond the counter scurried away.


The footage, dated September 30, continued by showing the first robber holding a handgun and rushing to let his accomplice into the store. Following his entrance, the first perpetrator jumped up on the counter and made an attempt to open the cash register before going in another direction. Meanwhile, the second masked man guarded the door, but shots soon started firing at him from outside. Abandoning his post, he took cover as a customer and crawled behind the counter for safety. The two gunmen subsequently ran out of the store when the shooting on the outside ceased.

Watch the video of the attempted robbery below.

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