Mother Dies In New York Night Club While Celebrating Her 35th Birthday

During a night of partying, Stephanie Quinones, who just turned 35 fell to the ground. As opposed to workers calling the police, her body was dragged to a back room and left there for hours by workers.

As a result, she was pronounced dead at a hospital after a medical team took her unresponsive body from the club. In the wake of the death of the 35-year-old woman who collapsed at an unlicensed nightclub in New York, her family says she died because employees and patrons failed to dial 911 when she collapsed.

In shocking footage now circulating on the internet, bystanders can be seen slapping Quinones in the face and apparently trying to revive her before grabbing her by the arms and pulling her off the dancefloor.


During the course of the incident, the bartender at the club, who according to the State Liquor Authority, does not have a liquor license, sent a picture of an unconscious Quinones to her mom in Florida, as well as texting her sister, Jasmine Gonzalez who resides in the Bronx.

The deadly incident took occurred on July 31 in the Queens neighbourhood of Astoria where she lives.

In a statement by Gonzalez, she stated that she was told to come to get Quinones as she had been drunk, and after arriving two hours later, at that point, she became aware that Quinones’s situation was grave and needed medical attention, so she called 911.


Gonzales’ 12-year-old Daughter Laurel Standing with Police.

The sister of the now-deceased Quinones also describes the chaotic scene that unfolded following her arrival at the nightclub, which included her being locked in the club for some time. “I was doing compressions on a dead person,” Gonzalez said. “Everyone left me alone no one even had the decency to stay.”

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