Mother Stabs Children And Blames The Father

Monday, August 8, 2022, 10:56 PM

Thirty-one-year-old Janee Pedescleaux, A New Orleans resident took to Facebook live after committing a heinous deed. She can be seen crying and in obvious distress, her white top blood-stained and torn, as she rests the blame for her severe actions solely at the feet of her children’s father, Jermaine Roberts.

Pedescleaux professedly stabbed her daughter, four-year-old Paris, and son, who is two years old, in her 3100 block of Law Street home in the Florida area before taking to live to state “my children is dead, I’m done, I’m done with life,” and continuing to say that it was all her ex-boyfriend’s fault.


After the father of the children became aware of the video, reports say he allegedly rushed to Pedescleaux’s house and was caught on camera arriving at the residence in a white pick-up truck and breaking a window at the front of the house before climbing through to retrieve the children. It was also stated that just a few short minutes after entering the house, Roberts was seen leaving the building with his children who were both badly injured. The elder ran alongside her father, fell due to her injuries, then got back up to run again.

They were taken to a nearby hospital where Paris succumbed to her injuries and the two-year-old remains in critical condition. Court records state that Pedescleaux and Roberts were in the middle of a custody battle for the children because Robert’s sued her for not being stable or capable enough to provide a healthy environment for the children.

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