Mr. Vegas Sides with Denyque Against Popcaan, Says “Dem bwoy yah fi get freak out too”

Veteran artiste dancehall Mr. Vegas has sided with female dancehall artiste Denyque’s recent utterances and her diss song aimed at dancehall superstar Popcaan. However, Vegas says he wishes Denyque would get the highlight and respect in dancehall music without resorting to controversy.

Vegas outlined that Popcaan, who has been accused of eating ‘female watermelons’, is a hypocrite because he sings about receiving and demanding oral sex from females in many songs. Vegas continued by stating that it was time for the female dancehall artistes and females generally to turn the tables on their male counterparts.


“Me would a want every woman right now just get brave and anyweh uno go and see a selector play the male version of watermelon uno just go over deh and seh me waa hear Denyque version,” Mr Vegas requested.

Vegas also pointed out that he is not trying to get Denyque’s new song promoted, but only highlighting the double standards in dancehall music and by Jamaican males generally.

“Them bloodclaat artiste yah and them man yah inna we society them too fxcking bias, them selfish, them act as them a God above uno, them act as if uno nuh have feeling too, them act as if seh anything them seh goes a them run e earth and then come tell yuh seh bout yeah man nuh you(females) did eat the fruit inna the garden, then yuh(males) never did tek bloodclaat piece too?” Vegas declared.


Vegas burst out into laughter as he made his case to the females via his video, the Hands Up artiste went as far as to say that it was the male artistes who started the glorification and the acceptance of oral sex in dancehall music.

“Uno set up the women them and tell them seh them fi do that so when the women them come now and seh uno fi co suck pussy weh uno have a problem fah, why uno have a problem?” Vegas asked.

See the video below:


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