Mutabaruka Says Trap Dancehall “F**k Up” Everything – Watch Video

Sunday, September 4, 2022, 11:26 AM GMT-5

Rastafarian musician and educator Mutabaruka, known for his sharp commentary, believes that the integration of trap music into the dancehall genre has negatively impacted the music industry and society.

In his own words, trap music “f**k up di ting.”

The integration of trap music into Jamaican sound has been a debate since the new generation introduced the era of Trap Dancehall. The debate frequently raises unpopular claims that the integration was destroying the Jamaican sound and ruining authentic dancehall music.

Whilst some might not be receptive to the belief of trap music being destructive to dancehall and society, Mutabaruka did not shy away from voicing his opinions on the matter in a recent video. “When a man a tell yuh see di music nuh have nuting fi do wid nuting, is foolishness him a talk,” he said while explaining that music has a big influence on children.

He stated that while parents are responsible for monitoring their children’s behaviour, influencers are responsible for being good role models. He subsequently pointed out the graphic nature of music videos that are being watched by youths, such as a dead man in a body bag and guns.

He went on to say that while the entertainers thought that “money is di power” and they were reaping the benefits, they would also feel the impact when they become parents.

“So unnuh really deh pan unnuh high ass right now and unnuh can mek some money and, you know, wul heap a girls and champagne all dem sumting deh, but watch dung di line,” he warned. “Because di same ting weh yuh project out deh gwine turn back and bite yuh.”

He also touched on the Jamaican expletive “s**k yuh madda,” which is often used disrespectfully. However, the vulgar slang has become amusing for some when children are heard saying it.

Mutabaruka also said, “Jamaica put the world pan di map” with its music by liberating distressed individuals during a period of racial segregation. “Right cross Europe and Africa, the music uplift the people dem and carry di people dem pan a certain level and now we some likkle youth a gwan like dem nah nuh sense,” he stated.

He finally warned that the trap dancehall musicians would be sorry for their actions.

Watch the video of Mutabaruka below.

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