Nesbeth Sends Video Message to Sir P “Can you expose more politicians?”

Reggae/Dancehall artiste Nesbeth uploaded a video to the internet of himself talking about Sir P’s neglect to live up to the name of his YouTube channel called Politricks Watch.

In his 18-minute and 53 seconds long video, the artiste highlights that he is a listener of the channel, however, he’s being turned off by the narrative/topics that the ‘gun man’ is worse than the politicians in Jamaica.


“Today is a day weh mi decide seh mi ago question one a di vlogger weh mi listen to time on and time off and that vlogger is no other than Sir P,” he states in the intro of his video before liberating.

Politricks Watch, SIR. P

“Now Sir P your programme is called Politricks watch… but from my knowledge really look pan di laundry dem weh yuh really put out inna the public space,” he says before giving examples.

“Can you expose more politicians?” He asked the Youtuber. “It’s a known fact, it is something that almost every Jamaican know, the politicians is the ones that the people distrust from day one and is through the politician’s way of thinking bring fort the garrisons,” Nesbeth outlines.

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“The politicians is really our biggest problem,” he states further on in the video. Nesbeth went on to confirm that he’s not a PIA member but he’s a student because he listen and learn a lot from his videos.

Watch as Nesbeth talks his mind in the video below:

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