Sir P Responds to Brite Lite Denouncing his Claims

Sir P took to his Youtube channel on Monday, hours after Brite Lite released a video denouncing ‘The Likkle Youtuber’ claims that he’s responsible for Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams and NickFotoWorks missing bodies.

In his response, Sir P focuses primarily on the Funeral Services owner whose name is Tommy Thompson swearing on the name of ‘Jesus’ that he’s being wrongly accused and not responsible for the missing bodies.

“These people are sick!” says Sir P as he states that most strongly religious people are some of the wickedest because they will commit wicked acts and then ask for forgiveness.

The video was uploaded to PolitricksWatch‘s channel with the title, “Brite Lite Just Spiritually Box Dung “Sir P” With His Nickfotoworks Response #Amen.”

He also doubled down that “illegal cremations” are taking place on the island after Brite Light details that ‘illegal cremations’ are not something he takes part in, stating that the few locations in the corporate area that do cremations follow strict rules and guidelines, leaving little to no loophole for illegal endeavours.

Notably, Sir P did not double down on Thompson being responsible for the missing bodies.

Listen to Sir P’s response below:

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