Nigy Boy Shows His Eyes Plus Talks Being a “Rude Child”, Premature Birth, Moving to USA and More – Watch Interview

January 27, 2024

Nigy Boy’s newfound success from his hit song Continent has soared him to new heights, taking his name worldwide. The singjay, legally named Nigel Hector, delved into his upbringing in a new interview that showed him navigating the streets of Manhattan with his cane. 

The Montego Bay native has been visually impaired since infancy, but before his birth, there was a risk of him not surviving. Nigy Boy’s story starts with him entering the world prematurely at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay.


Nigy’s mother was told that her premature baby would not survive, according to the recollections of his grandmother, Jennifer Hill. Hill, who cared for her grandson, said she realised that something was wrong with his eyes.

“I always feed him. I notice that his eyes weren’t good,” she told a reporter from TVJ’s Entertainment Report. She added that Nigy Boy was blind when he was about five months old, and there were no retina in his eyes.

Later on in his life, Nigy attended Meadowbrook High School in Kingston, where he had relocated. Nigy, who had at some point developed asthma in his younger years, was also on TVJ’s All Together Sing.

During his youthful days, according to the dancehall artiste, he socialised and played with his peers without facing discrimination. The past student of the Salvation Army School for the Blind also highlighted that he would even fight other children when they attempted to steal his toy car.

“Man thief mi car and mi fight dem fi mi car weh dem thief and we [me and my friends] bat stone together… I was a rude child too,” Nigy said. “I personally had a smart mouth on me… Young bwoy, young gyal, big man, big woman, mi trase dem off.”

Nevertheless, his sister, Nichole Miller, described him as a “conservative” anime lover when he was growing up. The once “rude child” developed into the “humble” man that the world sees today.

The challenges that Nigy, who resides in America with his family, faces today from being visually impaired have not dimmed the vision he has, as he stated that he learned how to handle each obstacle.

During the interview, Nigy proudly showed off his grey eyes while expressing that they enticed some of the ladies who admiringly compared them to Jupiter.

Watch Nigy’s Interview below:




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