Noel Maitland And Truck Driver’s Alleged Leaked Voice Notes – Listen

A video was posted on the YouTube page SocialMedia Affairs featuring an alleged voice note between Noel Maitland (Police Constable and Music Producer), boyfriend of Missing Social Media Influencer Donna-Lee Donaldson, and a truck driver whose truck was present at his apartment the day Donaldson was last heard from.

The conversation that can be heard between the two seemingly describes Maitland contacting the driver and trying to get the driver to remember him without giving a name. The driver, name unknown, identifies him by asking if “a di police yute this” to which a reply of “yeah bro” was given. There was mention of a couch and upholstery which implies that the driver was contracted to move a piece of furniture. Upon identifying the caller the driver stated “yo badman, a bay trouble mi innah innuh badman,” referring to the fact that his vehicle was impounded by the police as evidence in the case.


Throughout the voice note, the truck driver can be heard trying to find out the details of why his truck was confiscated and what he had gotten himself into. Further information states that the truck was seen on the security footage at the apartment and was needed as evidence.

At a point in the conversation, Noel seemed to get suspicious of the many questions and asked if someone convinced the driver of something or if someone was coaching him on what to say.

Listen to part one of the recording below;

A second video was uploaded by SocialMedia Affair, In the second upload, the driver was heard saying that the truck was being taken to the Half Way Tree Police Station or up by Papine. Maitland stated in the recording that the driver did not need to talk about specific details over the phone but he wanted to apologize to the driver for being caught up in the investigation when all he did was his job and that the truck would be returned after the investigation was over.

Listen to part two of the recording below;

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