Not Jamaican Buju Banton Touring USA With Koffee

Monday, February 7, 2022, 6:31 PM GMT-5

Rumours have been circulating the internet as to whether or not Buju Banton would be making a special appearance on Koffee’s tour in the United States.

Donovan Germain, Banton’s long-time manager, briefly addressed the rumours and told the Jamaica Observer he was not aware of Buju having his visa. He said that if Buju was given back his visa everyone would know. He also questioned, “Did you see Buju, or Buju Banton being advertised? Those are two different people.”

Further research has shown that the Buju who is expected to be on the tour is Daniel Benson, who is a 22 years old Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter. His stage name Buju is an acronym for “Beauty Underneath Just Understood”.

Nonetheless, Koffee’s tour to promote her debut album “Gifted” is set between April 11 and May 27. Her album will be released this fall, and on February 3rd she graced everyone with a third song from her album called “Pull Up”.

Sunday, February 7, the official music video for the track received over 1 million views on YouTube.

Both Buju Banton and Koffee are Grammy award-winning musicians who have done one collaboration together on a track titled “Pressure” which had gotten over 10 million views on YouTube. Banton, legally named Mark Myrie, won Best Reggae Grammy for his 2011 album “Before The Dawn” and Koffee, born Mikayla Simpson, won her Grammy in 2021 for her “Rapture” EP.

Buju was imprisoned in the US for nearly a decade for cocaine possession and he was freed in 2018.

Reportedly he might be qualified for a visitors visa or an O visa which is a non-immigrant temporary worker visa granted to persons with unique abilities in science, arts, education, athletics, etc.

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