Notnice Explains Why Vybz Kartell Took His Studio Equipment

Friday, June 26, 2020, 4:22 PM GMT-5

In the world of Dancehall music, Vybz Kartel has been celebrated in recent times as a reigning champion. The artiste who has been through several stages in his career has shown his growth through his tireless work ethic.

One such stage in his career that added greatly to his name and fame was the days when he was the leader of a group known as the Portmore Empire otherwise known as Gaza.

A part of this group was artiste such as Popcaan known globally for his Unruly brand, Shawn Storm now incarcerated with Vybz Kartel, Tommy Lee Sparta, Lisa Hyper, Gaza Slim, Sheba Di Diva among many others. In the mix of artists, there were producers whose engineering skills were directed by Vybz Kartel towards the production of the timeless hits released by the Artiste. One such producer was Notnice who after working with Vybz Kartel for a few years left the Camp after a mysterious interaction with men who took all his studio equipment who according to Notnice were sent by Kartel.

In a video interview posted on Social media, Notnice made an effort after all these years to Clear up what transpired between him and Vybz Kartel.

He started by stating that after the first contract his business relations got better with Vybz Kartel where percentage shares of the masters for the produced songs were concerned. Notnice further mentioned that as a way to keep Vybz Kartel up to date with the masters, Notnice said he would usually send the session files to Kartel who would usually give him his Hard Drive to put the session files on.

In getting to the point of what happened Notnice said that One day Vybz Kartel tried pulling up the files on the Hard drive and did not see anything.

Notnice said that Kartel had mentioned that he would not usually check the drive and it looked like a virus had taken over Vybz Kartel’s computer system erasing the files off the drive. Notnice said he however learned that Kartel thought he was trying somehow to be mischievous towards him by sending an empty harddrive.

He further explained that Vybz Kartel then sent the men to his house and he was confused as he did not know why that was happening at the time. He described that some of the men also had different agendas as they were looking to steal some special Gaza chains issued to him Popcaan and another artiste by Vybz Kartel.

He asked the men about it and they said that he would need to sort things out with Vybz Kartel. He further commented that the men also stole his phone and other things and moved with the equipment. According to Notnice the men were well known to him as they visited the studio the day before.

Expressing his innocence Notnice said he did not think anything of what was transpiring as Kartel had earlier mentioned that he was going to move the studio to Havendale. He said he proceeded to get a call and contacted Cory Todd Vybz Kartel’s manager at the time, Todd let Notnice know that Kartel said that Notnice was “going around him”.

Notnice further explained that Corey Todd helped him to get back on his feet by giving him $3000 US dollars that he used to buy equipment. He also mentioned that he was contacted by one of the men who Kartel sent and told to apologize for which he told the interviewer that he declined to do so and said he proceeded to produce some new artist.

Notnice is known for producing Vybz Kartel songs such as Mama, Street Vybz, and many more. Incarcerated DJ, Vybz Kartel who’s Privy Council appeal process is set to kick off soon has just today dropped his new Dancehall album “Of Dons and Divas”.

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