NWC Issues Water Restrictions, Violators Will Be Charged

Thursday, May 23, 2019, 3:21 PM GMT-5

According to a news release the The National Water Commission will be implimenting strict measures in relation to the current water drought the country is stating.

A snippet from the release states “Under regulation 14 of the National Water Commission (Water supply services) rates and charges,) regulations 1985, whereas the National Water Commission has declared that due to the deficiency in the supply of water owing to a drought affecting sections of the island of Jamaica, more stringent water conservation measures must now be observed”.

The following are restricted as of May 24th.

  • Irrigation of and the watering of plants of gardens, lawns, grounds and farms
  • Refilling or supplying of tanks, ponds or swimming pools and/or for use other than normal domestic services such as drinking, cooking, washing, bathing and sanitation;
  • Washing vehicles by the use of a hose;
  • Watering or washing of roadways, pavements, paths, garages or out rooms;
  • Any purpose which may require the use of a considerable or excessive quantity of water.

Restrictions shall remain in effect until further notice. Anyone who violates these restrictions may of to pay a fine and spend up to 30 days in Jail.


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