OnstageTV ordered to remove DHQ Danger Interview about Nicholas’s alleged Rape

Saturday, December 19, 2020, 10:08 AM

The latest in the unfolding saga between DHQ Danger, Spice and her baby father Nicholas Lall is that a recently done interview that was uploaded to OnstageTV’s youtube channel has been removed.

In the video interview, DHQ Danger detailed how Mr. Lall got into her room while on tour and committed the gruesome act of rape.


In a story posted to IG, Danger showed fans a statement sent to her from OnstageTV outlining that they had to remove the video uploaded because of legal concerns.

In the statement, Winford declared that they were contacted by Nicholas’s Lawyer to remove the content or face legal action, according to OnstageTV they are currently reviewing the matter and have placed the interview on private until given the legal go ahead to make the video public again.

Danger has since responded to this latest happening, reminding us how much she hates Lall, see her statement below.

Since the saga broke online, Spice has since come forward and stated that she believed that her baby father indeed raped DHQ Danger.

Danger also did a live video whereby she was very emotional asking for help to fight the battle with Nicholas “it cost me too much.. god just give me the strength” she states.

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