“Yuh rape di gyal fi True” Spice says her Babyfather should be Locked-Up for raping DHQ Danger – Video

Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 6:31 PM

Queen of the dancehall Spice whose name is currently mixed up in several controversies took to Instagram hours ago to talk on her current trials and tribulations.

Spice over the past week has seen her name entangled in gossip with RT Boss, DHQ Danger, Her babyfather and Marion hall.


Spice first spoke on the most touching matter her name is being called up in which involves an alleged rape of her former dancer by her baby father which took place while they were touring in Europe.

According to Spice, she believes that her baby father did in fact raped her ex-dancer DHQ Danger and he should be locked up for it. “any man we rape fi guh prison” states Spice as she expressed that she doesn’t know why DHQ Danger took so long to open up to her about what happened.

Spice detailed that the Danger called her and told her what took place recently and she was very “shaken up” by what she heard.

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Spice told her fans that her baby father went live and talked about having sex with DHQ Danger, something that backfired on him after DHQ Danger came forwards and talks her side of the story which has brought shame o his name.

Spice wants persons to stop from putting her picture next to that of her baby father Nicholas Lall whenever they report on him because it makes her look bad.

Spice also opened up to not having sex with her baby father for up to 3 years while they were living together because she was not into him anymore.

Watch the full emotional live chat below.

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