Pit Bull Attacks and Bites 2YO Boy; Mother Jumps Into Action – Watch Video

Sunday, December 3, 2023, 10:20 AM

A woman’s son was attacked by a pit bull when he and his mom were leaving their Auston, Texas, home to head to daycare.

While the two-year-old’s mother, Chante Wright-Haywood, was walking around a parked car, the dog appeared and pounced on her son, who began screaming after being bitten.


Chante reacted by shrieking as she kicked the dog and grabbed her son. The relentless dog still made efforts to bite the toddler again and followed Chante as she ran back to her front door.

Chante struggled to open the door of her home, and it became dislodged. Even when the two finally made it inside, the dog persisted by continuously “jumping on the door” and barking.

This resulted in Chante’s family combining their strengths to keep the door closed by bracing on it.

It was later discovered that Chante’s son, CJ, was bitten on the abdomen. Chante, who works as an emergency medical technician (EMT), told an Insider Edition reporter, “Initially, you could see the dog teeth imprinted in the bite.”

Watch the incident below:

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