WATCH: Fiery Plane Crash Caught On Camera In Chile

Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 5:45 PM GMT-5

Footage taken by bystanders on and near a highway in Chile captured the fiery descent of a firefighter plane that claimed the life of one person and left multiple others injured.

Reports state that the incident took place in Talca, central Chile, after two planes were mobilized to combat a blaze near an aerodrome on Monday. In footage taken from the scene, one of the aircrafts can be seen flying past the highway as it dumps what appears to be water or fire retardant below.


However, after the first craft successfully continued to ascend further in the air, the second craft hit the overhead electrical cables. The plane, a Turbo Trush model aircraft, burst into flames as it crashed onto the busy highway below.

Amid the crash, the pilot, 58-year-old Fernando Solans Robles, was killed instantly, with the craft’s fiery descent causing serious injury to at least four people on the highway.

According to reports, the injured civilians were travelling together in a car on the highway at the time of the accident, and their vehicle was hit during the crash.

Watch the video below.

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