Unidentified Occupants of Plane that Crashed in St. Elizabeth Set Aircraft on Fire Before Fleeing, JCF Gives Details on Crash – Watch Videos

Saturday, January 6, 2024, 2:34 PM GMT-5

The unidentified occupants of the plane that crashed in St. Elizabeth reportedly set the plane on fire before leaving the scene.

According to reports, the plane crashed Friday night in the community of Braes River after the pilot attempted to land on a makeshift, unauthorised runway. The runway is located in a remote area of the community, and when the pilot reportedly missed it, the plane then crashed into a nearby swamp.

Reports from Nationwide News state that gas oil was found at the scene of the crash, and it is suspected that the occupants of the plane set it on fire as they were unable to remove it. Following the crash, the police and emergency responders visited the scene, and in footage taken from the crash site, the severely burned remains of the torched aircraft can be seen.

The occupants of the plane have not yet been located, nor is it known what they were transporting. The Jamaica Constabulary Force has since launched a multi-agency investigation into the crash, which they disclosed will be expanded beyond the St. Elizabeth Police Department.

The JCF further disclosed that contact had already been made with other agencies to ascertain the origin of the aircraft and why it was at its current location.

In a similarly bizarre incident, a plane bearing the Mexican flag crash-landed in the coastal community of Rocky Point, Clarendon, in 2021. No occupants were found in the plane, and it was suspected to have crashed during a smuggling mission.

Like the crash three years ago, the Braes River crash has ignited discussion among Jamaicans. Citing the previous crash, one social media user stated that Jamaica is not secure, while another highlighted that the plane was not picked up on radar.

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