PM Holness BLAMES First COVID-19 Spike on Entertainment

Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 8:50 AM GMT-5

According to the prime minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness in a tweet, the government’s attempt in 2020 to reopen the entertainment industry sparked the first spike of COVID-19 on the island. He wrote, “our previous attempt to allow entertainment to open in the summer of 2020 was one of the factors that resulted in our first spike”. See his tweet below.

PM Holness did not stop there as he also tweeted about “carelessness that result in spikes” and promises to adjust the measures.

Many Jamaicans are not accepting these statements from the prime minister and have vented in the comments on social media, check out some of the comments below.

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In April, PM Andrew Holness said investments would be made in the entertainment industry. The PM also encouraged the major stakeholders in the industry to join in to develop strategies for the development of their product.

Mr. Holness outlined that he is ready to have a talk with the entertainers to make plans to accommodate the entertainment sector in a better way, as he doesn’t want anyone to believe dancehall is getting a fight. 

He plans for economic recovery, and he wants culture and music to play a role in what needs to be done as he is acutely aware of how much the industry has been hurt because of the protocols and restrictions the country had to implement in order to reduce the spread of the virus. 

He acknowledges that the designated spaces on the island for entertainment is insufficient and that should be fixed. 

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