Police Drench Pedestrians along Flooded street [Video]

August 25, 2020

A Police van was recorded splashing several pedestrians while driving on a flooded street amidst recent heavy rainfall on the Island. The police commissioner Anthony Anderson has since watched the video and spoken on the matter expressing that the incident was unacceptable.

Further details also stated that the JCF is unable to locate the culprit cop who did the disgraceful act because the video was not clear enough to pin-point anyone nor a license plate.


The unkind act does appear to be intentional because we can see the vehicle speeding up as it approaches the people walking along the street, a man that was riding his bicycle was the last person to get the shower after he stopped to look at the police to see if they will slow down.

The Police officer that carried out the act is currently wanted by the JCF. At least 4 persons along the flooded road were soaked by the high water waves caused by the Police vehicle. See the viral video below.

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