Pregnant Looking Man Had His Twin Living Inside Him For Over 36 Years

As a result of his massive bulging stomach, which had been a big part of his life from the time he was born in 1963 to the present, Sanju Bhagat has often been referred to as the pregnant man. However, The most shocking realization was that he had his twin sibling living inside him the whole time.

When Sanju Bhagat was a child, he looked like a normal male. His belly suddenly grew when he worked on a farm in his 20s. After breathing became difficult, Bhagat sought medical attention in Mumbai in 1999.

The bulge was initially believed to be caused by a cancerous tumour by doctors.

However, it was discovered that Sanju had been suffering from a rare genetic condition called fetus in fetu or vanishing twin syndrome. This is a medical condition where a fetus is found inside its sibling. Sanju’s twin has been living in his body for over 36 years.

The twin had its own arms, legs, and hair.

“We were horrified, we were confused and amazed, to my surprise and horror, I could shake hands with somebody inside, it was a bit shocking for me,” the doctors revealed in an interview.

Bhagat’s twin died in the womb and was merged with his own before he was born, according to doctors. Despite the absence of a placenta, doctors explain that twins survive for a while on the internal system of their siblings.

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Sanju underwent surgery to remove the fetus and is recovering and doing well. Sanju is relieved to have the twin removed and is now adapting to living without it. Despite the long years of living with the twin, Sanju is determined to move forward and make the most of his newfound freedom.

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