Queen Ifrica Gives Fiery Response To Kemar McGregor’s Claims “Guh s**k yu ma… A ME WRITE DADDY”

Thursday, January 4, 2024, 10:24 AM GMT-5

Reggae producer Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor says Queen Ifrica wished harm on him after he was involved in an accident, hence the reason they are not on talking terms. McGregor made the revelation as he recounts his relationship with the reggae songstress.

As per the producer, he was involved in a car crash and Queen Ifrica’s comments towards him were not encouraging as she said she wished his neck was broken in the accident. McGregor said this was after he spent around 10 million on Queen Ifrica’s hit song Daddy, on promotion and music video.

Kemar McGregor

McGregor also revealed how he started working with Ifrica as he saw the talent in her despite the many negative comments coming from other producers who did not want to record Ifrica in her early years in the music industry.

“At the time a lot of people nuh waa record her because dem a seh she ugly and she sound like man and she look like a boy and dem nuh record her and me as a producer just see the talent in a Queen Ifrica and just respect her,” states McGregor.

He continued, “Know seh, yow, Queen Ifrica is one a the most talented female artistes ever inna reggae and me seh me haffi record her, cause a me reach out to her enuh, and seh me haffi record her,” McGregor outlined.

Queen Ifrica

Despite their differences, McGregor says he was willing to discuss their discrepancies and seemingly make music again. However, McGregor’s speech did not sit well with Ifrica as she replied strongly and fiery, via the comment section of his Instagram post.

“Breda mi nuh bloodclaat know yu guh suck yu ma and come affa mi Name Pussy A ME WRITE DADDY OUTTA MI PAIN why mi wouldn’t voice fi yu again??? A di lost time mi an address yu to Pussy yer dat unu fi stop jealous an artist anuh me mek yu caaan sing, (fire emoji) fi yu,” Queen Ifrica.

McGregor replied by stating, “What you’re saying. You say you’re writing out of pain. This is your real identity. The only thing left to do is for you to go cream out your hair and guh whine pon a pole. Unhappy new year fi yuh devil!”

See the video below:

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