Queenie “Buss Up” Dewey’s Face And Says She Wants To Be By Herself

Social media personality Queenie and her husband Dewey have been the hot topic on social media since this week and just recently, she shared that she “bussup him head cause she bad”.

On an Instagram Live recently, she stated that she’s tired of Dewey’s behaviour and that he does not know the meaning of marriage.


She went on to share that her “June Plum” is always making the comment that she’s not his mother and he’s not at school, but she just wants to caution him that she will, “blood him up ina dis yah bloodclaat”.

Frustrated at the recent turn of events with her marriage, the “Double Tap” entertainer expressed that she is aware that she is much older than her husband, who lacks communication skills.

She added that she understands that he is hurt about her not being able to give him a child, as well as his baby mother not allowing him to see theirs, but he refuses to share how he is feeling which they could’ve worked on like a married couple.

In the last sections of the video, Queenie directed these words at Dewey “mi nah siddung and look out fi yuh” and “mi cut up everything so no come back” and added that she does not want anybody and prefers to stay by herself.

Watch Dewey’s take on the matter below.

Social media is in high anticipation to see how the tumultuous situation between Queenie and Dewey’s marriage will unfold. The questions being raised are if the two will rekindle their romance or will this be the end?

Watch Queenie’s recorded Live video below:

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