Queenie Calls Out Critics And Defends Dowey For Not Fighting Her At Airport Nor Leaving Her… Watch Video

The social media personality Queenie once again took to her Instagram page to talk about the now highly circulated video of her and her husband, Dowey, arguing at an airport.

In the Instagram live earlier today Queenie shared with her followers that Dowey felt like giving up on their relationship after the video of her arguing and shoving him was released but they have since talked it out and they are good now. But they woke up this morning to a barrage of negative comments and several DMs to Dowey’s phone, Which is exactly why Queenie says she went live to stand up for her husband.


Queenie revealed that DMs were sent to her husband demeaning him, while others instructed him to beat her, just as she had done to him at the airport. But she defended her actions by saying what people saw in the video was real life and a real marriage. She explained that regardless of who they were they would face bitter-sweet moments and this was bitter.

An emotional Queenie went on to say that due to all the stress of the negative comments, Dowey had experienced a seizure-like episode, she then made it clear that she does not care if the public condemns her but they should leave her husband out of it. Queenie explained that Dowey holds his composure out of respect for who she is, and he knows exactly who he married, because she, unlike those that criticize her, has never pretended to be a saint.

Watch a snippet of her very explicit video below.

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