Queenie Takes Advice from Fan About Dowey’s Toxic Relationship, “Ungrateful Dog That!” – See Video

Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 9:15 AM

As Queenie expresses her frustration with her partner Dowey’s latest actions, she claims the upcoming dancehall artiste is trying to “mad out” her as she describes how he tries to take advantage of her. According to Queenie, her husband wants to destroy her career, the social media personality also asked Dowey to return her car key.

In one of her latest live chats, Queenie received advice from several of her fans with regards to her estranged relationship with Dowey. While Queenie was rude to several of her fans’ harsh criticism, she made sure to give a listening ear to others.



One fan whom Queenie agreed with, told Queenie that Dowey is an “ungrateful Dog” and a “Demon” who is in her life to turn it upside down.

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Earlier, a tearful Queenie revealed that her estranged husband is currently in Canada, but her main reason for taking to social media to call him out is because her husband has taken away her car keys.

“Why you wanna done my career, Dowey? Dewey me waa me car God almighty know Dowey, me waa me car Dowey you caa deh a Canada a freelance and style me, when me and you drive go a West 66 street fi get visa,” Queenie outlined.

The female entertainer also disclosed that Dowey is having multiple affairs with numerous white women. Queenie went on to call out Dowey for not being loyal to her and not trying to resolve their relationship issues despite her taking care of him financially.


“Dowey yuh have a mother, yuh have a mother, Dowey, you sit down and you mek woman mind yuh dutty bloodclaat, and when it nuh work out or you feel guilty you be a big bloodclaat, have all the two big stinking white gal dem yuh have a Canada Dowey, mek dem mek them mind yuh and mek put yuh in a bloodclaat Job, and yuh have some ambition,” Queenie declared.

As she continued to vent, Queenie said Dowey had accused her of working obeah on him in her recent trip to Jamaica, in which she was hospitalized with a facial injury; Queenie then claimed that it was Dowey who, in fact, ‘obeah’ her.

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Queenie Demands The Return Of Her Car Key


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