Queenie Says she Only Gave her Husband 1 Stab; Demands the Return of her Vehicle – Watch Video

Social Media sensation Queenie, known for her fierce persona and unapologetic speeches, confessed to stabbing her husband once and demanded the return of her vehicle, sparking a flurry of controversy and intrigue among her fan base and the public.

Queenie’s live video on social media laid bare the raw emotions and complex dynamics of her relationship with her husband, Dowey. In the video, she explained that Dowey had been circulating rumours that she had orchestrated attacks on him, claims she vehemently denied.



One of the central points of contention in Queenie’s impassioned monologue was the issue of her vehicle. She claimed that the car was her hard-earned possession and that Dowey was using her appreciation of him against her. She argued that if Dowey truly appreciated her as a wife and partner, he wouldn’t be out there causing such turmoil.

‘Queen’ also addressed Dowey’s alleged attempts to provoke her online. She reminded him of her decision to leave him behind and flee to Jamaica. She expressed frustration at Dowey’s attitude when she asked him to do things while he was on his phone.

One striking aspect of Queenie’s narrative was her assertion that her desire was not to get back to him but to get the vehicle. She insisted that she had been a loyal wife and, if not, she could have been with numerous other men. Queenie revealed it was the money from her deceased child that had enabled her to purchase the vehicle.


In continuing, ‘Queen’ said she encouraged Dowey to handle any division of assets properly if they were to separate, expressing dissatisfaction with how he had portrayed her as mentally unstable. She also criticised his friends for not intervening to rectify the situation.

Additionally, Queenie commented on a song Dowey had written, which she perceived as an insult to her. She questioned whether he believed she wanted him after he had allegedly physically assaulted her, which she kept hidden from others.

The artiste addressed Dowey’s claims of her not apologising to him. Queenie countered that she had apologised to him multiple times in various ways but highlighted that his behaviour had pushed her to this point.


Another provocative statement Queenie made concerned Dowey’s alleged infidelity. She raised the issue of pregnancies in England, suggesting that other women are carrying his children, and she questioned whether he had undertaken DNA tests to confirm his paternity.

Queenie admitted to enduring a great deal of hardship in her relationship with Dowey and seemed resigned to the possibility of their separation. She acknowledged her love for him but declared that it had become a war between them, where she aimed to demonstrate the power of a strong black woman.

See the video below:


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