Queenie Tells A’mari The Nastiest Things One Can Think of During Online Rant, “Cum Lick out…” – Watch Video

Sunday, December 31, 2023, 11:22 AM GMT-5

It seems as if Queen Ladi Gangsta and A’mari’s amity has come to an end, resulting in a new online spat between the two social media personalities. The new issue between the two stemmed from Queenie’s appearance on Sting’s 2023, which has been a popular topic of discussion online for being what many label as a “flop.”

In light of this, A’mari has been criticising Queenie for being booed and clapped off the stage regardless of them making peace on a live stream only two weeks ago. In response to A’mari’s criticisms, Queenie contends that the Neko artiste is “badmind” because she did not get to perform at the event despite begging Sting founder Isaih Laing to be a part of the show.


In New online videos, the aspiring deejays take jabs at each other. In one video, A’mari asserted that she was responsible for putting Queenie in the spotlight at last year’s staging and paving the way for her. In another video, Queenie blurted expletives at A’mari, saying, “Yuh hate mi tru yuh nuh go pan sting go flop. At least me enter di stage.”

A’mari also stated “long run, short ketch,” and warned Queenie to trod carefully or else she might just snatch her distraught husband.

In reply, Queenie also mentioned A’mari’s 2022 Sting performance when the two battled, saying, “Yuh already flop yuhself from 2022.”

Watch the video of Queenie and Amari arguing below:

A’mari went on to fire more shots at Queenie on TikTok, where she posted a video declaring that she did not need to go on Sting to be recognised as the Queen of Dancehall because she’s winning from home.

Watch the TikTok video of A’mari below:

Also, DJ Mona Lisa made multiple posts on Threads targeting Queenie, in which she went on a rant about Queenie being jealous of her and Queenie not being a real artiste.

A’mari apparently wanted all the heat because she also warned anyone else from targeting Queenie, whom she called a “feisty itch.”

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