Rafting Festivities Still Booming on Jamaica’s North Coast in 2024 – Watch Videos

Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 11:04 AM GMT-5

Summer 2023 seems to have left a large mark on river rafting in Jamaica as the thrill crosses over into 2024.

The party-like experience that tourists created on the Rio Grande River last summer continues to attract new visitors in January, resulting in lots of twerking on the bamboo rafts at several locations on the north coast with Rio Grande being the most popular location.

Some of the excitement that the guests are having along one of the rivers was shared online recently, showing how women came out in their Jamaican two-piece bikinis to shake their booties and enjoy the experience.

In one of the videos shared by popular river raftman @daddy1rafting(Claudious Byran), three women were seen twerking on a raft while the raftman navigated the water.

The raftman later urged the public to join the festivities, which had more ladies grooving on the river.

Watch the video of the river rafting festivities below:

The festivity was also shown in a separate video, in which two females, also sporting Jamaican swimsuits, danced on a smaller raft.

Watch the video of the river rafting festivities below:

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