Rastafarians Protest In Sam Sharp Square For Nzinga King

The Jamaica Gleaner on Saturday released a video on their YouTube page showing a group of Rastafarians protesting at Sam Sharp square in Montego Bay, over the ruling that was given by the Director of Public Prosecutions for the case concerning Nzinga King.

King said that while she was being held at the Four Paths police station in Clarendon a Policewoman reportedly had her locks cut, however, based on what the DPP ruled, the young Rastafarian woman was deemed not credible as it was said by the authorities that Nzinga had pulled her hair out herself.

Based on what an elder Rastaman who was present at the protest said, King could have never popped her locks out as she is not mad and even if she is, the man expressed that he has never seen a mentally challenged person do such a thing.

As such the Rastafarian elder stated that all they are asking from the Government is for them to empower the Director Of Public Prosecutions so that the proper investigations be done because cases like this one are usually lost in court. Afterwards, the Rastaman explained to the popular news medium that the investigations should then allow for a prosecution to take place.

One woman out of the protesting Rastafarians by the name of Sandra Webster expressed to the Jamaica Gleaner that the Policewoman had no right to have done what she did. In an illustration to help with her explanation, the woman said if she tugged her locks she would be feeling a lot of pain, much more to pull it out which led her to conclude that the female officer who said Nzinga had pulled out her locks was telling lies.

According to the Rastafarian elder what should have been done is a reasoning about what went wrong without any violation.

Where the situation is concerned the Deputy Superintendent of the St. James Police, Angela Mcintosh Gayle spoke on the matter stating that even though they do not mind the Rastafarians protest, there was an event that was planned to be held at the location which is why they eventually had to interact with the group to inform them of what was about to take place but they still went ahead and permitted them to continue their activities.

Watch the video of Rastafarians protesting for Nzinga below.

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