Reggae Boyz Coach, Hallgrimsson Says He Doesn’t Give A “F_ck” Who Scores When Asked About Antonio – Watch Interview

Reggae Boyz head coach, Heimir Hallgrimsson, told reporters that he doesn’t give a “f_ck” who scores as long as the team scores.

In a press conference before the Gold Cup semifinal match between Jamaica and Mexico, journalist Andrew Brown asked a two-part question directed at coach Hallgrimsson and team captain Andre Blake.

Brown asked the Icelandic manager how it has been so far having Michail Antonio in the squad personality-wise. He also asked the manager what he enjoyed about Michail as a team member.

Hallgrimsson responded by stating that Antonio was just one of his team members. On the pitch, he attracts a lot to him, and more than one defender is needed to guard him; therefore, he opens spaces for his teammates.

Later on in the interview, Hallgrimsson declared that Antonio is vital for the team on the pitch. He eluded to criticism he had received for not scoring many goals. However, the coach reiterated how much space he creates for others to achieve.

Additionally, he states that approximately nine players have scored for the team so far in the Gold Cup tournament. “I don’t give a “f_ck” who scores the goals for us if we score them,” Hallgrimsson exclaimed.

As a person, he believes Michail is probably one of the craziest people, and it is always nice to be around him.

Blake, the team captain, was asked about his favourite moment with Antonio in this tournament, other than the celebrations after the games.

In agreement with his coach, Blake believes Antonio is a great person on and off the field. “He’s very honest, we know what we’re gonna get from him on the field,” Andre said.

Despite not pinpointing a specific moment, Blake thinks he “brings it” daily, whether in training or the locker room.

Watch the interview below:

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