Residents Claim Mermaid Haunts Rio Cobre And Flat Bridge

For many years the Bog Walk Gorge otherwise known as Flat bridge in St. Catherine, situated along the Rio Cobre River, has been feared due to the many accidents that have taken place in its vicinity.

Many residents have claimed that the accidents have taken place based on supernatural causes affected by mermaids and since there have been 2 recent incidents at the location that has taken the lives of two people in total, the stories of the mysterious creature have now resurfaced.

According to a diver by the name of Daniel Gayle who has been utilizing the Rio Cobre river for over a decade for fishing, there is a special season when the mermaid requires blood. In the special season the river’s colour changes to brown, and many accidents occur, he told the Jamaica Star.

In his informative talk with the news source, Gayle told them that 6 years ago, people went to the river sprinkling blood only to find that 6 people died in a Vitara vehicle afterwards in the area.

Another resident living close to the gorge said he knew someone who was a fisherman that died due to interaction with a mermaid. According to the man, the deceased who was known as Roaster one day showed him the biggest fish scale he had ever seen, then later told him he was going back to catch the creature it came from. At the time the resident said, the fisherman was smoking a lot of cigarettes due to the realness of the situation.

Roaster later reportedly went back to look for the mermaid, only to be found a few days later with a broken neck and hand. Many of the residents living close to Rio Cobre who knew the man, said the mermaid was responsible for his death.

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So far there has been a video that got uploaded to the internet, showing a creature with a humanoid head swimming in a fish-like manner at the gorge, and many have claimed that it is a real mermaid that was seen in the footage.

Learn more from the video below.

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