Rumour: Blak Ryno Accident

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 11:03 AM GMT-5

Another artiste has reportedly met in a very bad car crash, Blak Ryno is the latest dancehall artiste to meet in a car accident according to rumours, after Aidonia crashed his Benz a little over a week ago. While details are still developing on the matter this is what we have so far.

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The Accident allegedly took place in New York, Blak Ryno is known to be living in the USA for several years now!

Upon checking the Deejay’s social media pages we are yet to find any concrete proof on the rumour of Ryno’s death, with that said we’ll be providing an update on the matter asap.

Some sources of the news confirm Blak Ryno dead while others claim that he’s alive and well. Another lead states that Ryno was in fact involved in a car accident and currently in the Hospital.

Some recent comments on Ryno’s social media page state “Artist tell me it’s fake news going around right now πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ u caw drop out so easy mi brother please reply an tell me it’s a rumour ting @blakrynomusic”, “Only hope yuh nuh dead fi true”, “Hope this is not true” while another asks “ansa yo phone nuh”. Black Ryno is yet to reply to any comment or make any post since the news broke.

More comments from fans

This is not the first time we’ve heard not so nice rumours involving Blak Ryno, e.g. it was rumoured that he has cancer, he was rumoured to divorce recently, suicide rumours amongst other things. Ryno himself addressed a plaguing rumoured recently about him being ungrateful after parting ways with Kartel, stating that he left Portmore Empire because Kartel took the money he was saving to buy his mother a house.

The Stinga aka Black Ryno sent condolences to one of his friends who’s funeral he was unable to attend a couple of days ago, Ryno wrote the following below!


Rest easy mi bwoy !! sorry mi can’t make it to your funeral but
you know the Schweppes.
R.i.p Dudu
R.i.p bling aka shellybelly
R.i.p zaro
R.i.p lorenzo blood fi life all when death do us part
R.i.p mug john
R.i.p twitch
Rest In Peace to all a the missing pieces🐝🐝

With no official evidence nor response it’s still unclear what’s going on.

Blak Ryno has been steadily releasing music in recent times and Yardhype can confirm that Blak Ryno Recorded an unreleased song for YardhypeMusic on the One Time Riddim, This song may be released soon.

Ryno originated from Portmore and was born on December 1984, he is now 34 years old.


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