Schoolboy Discovers His Girlfriend is Cheating: Dramatic Incident – Watch Video

A video has surfaced showing teenage love turning sour after a schoolboy discovered that his girlfriend was apparently cheating on him. The footage was captured by another schoolmate, who, along with many other students, witnessed the drama unfold on the school grounds.

In the video, the schoolboy, wearing a disposable face mask, stands outside. He is looking through his girlfriend’s phone while she attempts to retrieve the phone from him.

Nevertheless, he evades her attempts each time and persists in investigating the device. Furthermore, he is heard shouting as he questions how she could betray him, to which she apparently denies any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, their interaction elicits laughter from many students.

After consistently dodging her efforts to grab the phone, the schoolboy eventually throws the phone away. The schoolgirl attempts to reassure him that she is not romantically involved with another.

However, he ultimately walks away while an adult escorts the girl away.

Watch the video of the schoolboy and schoolgirl below:

Main Danger shared the video on Instagram Saturday morning, and it amassed over 13,128 likes within six hours. While the incident occurred at a school in Jamaica, the exact location and date of the video are currently unknown

The video received mixed responses, as some viewers found the video humorous while others did not.

One viewer said, “And just like that.. A Gyalis is born.. for the rest of his life 😢.”

Another viewer wrote, “Why mi have a feeling seh him dawq dem warn him bout har already n him neva listen😂?”

Read more of the comments below:

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