Senegal Beats Egypt In Penalty Shoot-Out To Secure African Cup Of Nations Win

Egypt and Senegal today faced off in the Africa Cup of Nations final and the match was a very interesting one as the game had to be rolled over into extra time, and then to the penalty to decide the winner, since the score was 0-0 throughout the normal game time.

The winning goal in the penalty shootout was scored by Senegal’s Sadio Mane who even though missed a penalty in regular minutes of play made his name as the player who scored the winning goal for the African nation.

At the end of the game, the score was 4-2 in penalties, with Egypt losing a chance to make it their 8 consecutive times winning the well known African Cup.

On the field for the North African team was the immaculate English Premier League player, Mohamed Salah, however, his efforts were not enough to secure the victory for Egypt as he did not even get to kick a penalty since his teammates Mohamed Abdelmonem and Mohanad Lasheen missed their teams last chance to grab the win.

The sad upset for the Egyptian team seemed to also have been a very hard-hitting experience for Salah who was brought to tears at the end of the match but in a great act of sportsmanship, his Liverpool teammate, Sadio who scored the winning goal for Senegal was quick to attend to the feelings of his friend after the game to calm him down.

Watch the African Cup Of Nations final clip below.

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