Shane O vs. Gage Feud Intensifies

It’s that time of the year, after summertime when dancehall artistes traditionally have a go at each other because of personal issues together or just for air-play and attention as dancehall fans gravitate to clash songs.

Amidst the Alkaline and Squash clash, Gage and Shane O is having a clash of their very own. Both artistes have released dissed songs aimed at each other over the past week. Gage songs name “Ketch Up” and “No Competition”, while Shane O reply songs are called “Diss Anyy Bodyyy / Gage” and “Destruction”.


Gage also released “Disappointment” aimed at both Squash and Alkaline.

Since the clash both Gage and Shane O have managed to get top 10 trending songs online a first for the artistes since 2019.

With the fact that Alkaline and Squash clash may be over prematurely as a result of the “6ix” team getting pressure from the cops, this clash just might be the next big thing.


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