Shenseea Hits Back At Social Media Trolls

Shenseea and Megan Thee Stallion song “Lick” has caused an extensive discussion by users on social media, where some have expressed their disappointment in the content and lyrics done by Shenseea while praising Megan Thee Stallion’s part.

Since the tragic death of Shenseea’s mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams in June of 2020, there has been much speculation surrounding her death. While some social media users have stated that her mother was sacrificed as a means of the artiste gaining money and fame. In the past, we have seen where Shenseea has taken a subtle approach to social media trolls, however, this speculation pushed the artiste to her limit.

“You see in a time like this when mi madda dead and unno come a talk bout sacrifice, that show mi seh the devil himself send unno so mi neven fi get worked up over that but mi need unno fi know seh I really can find you…but I won’t cause you can’t hide from God.” Shenseea said on IG live in 2020.

Alongside the many social media trolls, meme enthusiast Romario Granville caught the attention of Shenseea when he shared a distasteful meme regarding the entertainer. Shenseea responded “P**sy Me Ago Find You!” and not before long, Romario publicly apologized in which he stated, “Shenseea, I really sincerely apologize for what was post but I wasn’t the maker of the post.”

He went on to explain that he just copied and pasted it on tweeter which was wrong, he went on to ask for her forgiveness, “I’m so sorry sorry” he concluded.


Similarly, self-proclaimed international artiste Amari expressed her disappointment in Shenseea’s song “Lick” in a video on her Instagram page. However, despite Amari’s disapproval in the song, Shenseea was not moved as she tweeted “Is like…no matter how much Amari done me, me jus cyaaaaaa hate d woman she seh me give ar d biggest
disappointment ina r life why u dweet Amari,”.

Shenseea continues to promote her debut album “Alpha” which is scheduled to be released on March 11, 2022.

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